[H-GEN] Clock Time Loss When Copying Files

Frank Brand fbrand at uq.net.au
Tue Jun 6 21:16:39 EDT 2000

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A question for you all:-

A friend of mine is copying the full contents of his drive to a drive in
another machine. He does this periodically as a form of backup. He has also
done this with another box as well.

The copy is over a 10 Mb BNC link.

It seems that wheh he does this the clock on the box being copied loses time.

This time loss can be considerable....yesterday the box was 45 minutes slow. I
am not sure how many copy operations have contributed to this loss. Similar
behaviour has been observed in copying from another box.

I have not noticed this behaviour before. Perhaps it has occurred butis
negligible in small infrequent file copies that I do. Possibly if I regularly
copied many many megabytes I would notice more?

Has anyone else encountered this behaviour?

Thanks for any information

Frank Brand

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