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> One day I'd like someone to take me through the logic that shows
> intuitiveness is (the best|the only|a reasonable) measure of
> the ease of use and general worthiness of any given piece of software.
> jason
> -- 

The logic follows as thus.

Company buys software.
Company installs software on network.
Company holds training session run buy engineering/IT.
if (program is intuitive)
   employees understand and can do work and not wast time asking dumb
   No tech calls and computer ppl happy :)
   employees wast hours/days/weeks of valuable paid work time trying to work

   things out and constantly calling Engineering/IT with questions. 
   Lots of tech calls and computer ppl get no work done either :(


this may not be a huge problem if you worked in a small to medium sized
company but when 
you considder that there are 1800 users in channel 7 and only about 10
computer ppl it gets
a bit anoying if the users can't work their computers.......especialy when a
large number of them
are "journalists" who have the computer literacy skills of your average


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