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Raymond Smith raymonds at uq.net.au
Sun Jul 30 23:06:59 EDT 2000

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On Mon, 31 Jul 2000, George Bouratsias wrote:
> Merge sort is basically, get a list of numbers split them into 2 lists
> until you have only 2 elements then compare them sort them in
> appropriate order, then merge all the lists back.

George has the right idea, but the recursion may not be clear. The
algorithm is

	// this pseudo code is almost certainly wrong!
		if(length(l) > 2)
			(l1, l2) = split(l) // split in half
			return merge(mergesort(l1), mergesort(l2))
		} else {
			// return list if length 1
			// swap 'biggest' and 'smallest' if 2	

There are lots of optimisations. For example, you might break it up into
1000 unit blocks and then do a quicksort, or you might choose a random
point for the split (rather than split in half.

Have a look at _An Introduction to Algorithims_ by Cormen et al, published
by MIT press.



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