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Mark Suter suter at zwitterion.humbug.org.au
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>    how to manage the RSA keys?
> 	   Give each tech their own key and copy all tech's keys to all servers
> 	   Give each tech a copy of a single key & copy that key to all servers
>    each option has it's pros and cons =(
>    I'm leaning towards a single key as it is easier to manage.  If someone
>    leaves all we have to do is create a new key and update every server, which
>    could be scripted to some extent.  Also if we suspect that someone has 
>    obtained a copy of the key and the passphrase we can push out a new key
>    to all servers.
>    any thoughts?

I recommend that each administrator has their own key and are
responsible for it - a given login should have only be possible
from one person, not many.  Also, a shared key means that the
key needs to be copied to or used from multiple hosts, thus
increasing the chances that it may be compromised.

As Queensland President of the System Administrators Guild of
Australia, I recommend that they all join SAGE-AU.


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