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Subject: Changed EST/EDT Changeover Dates
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Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 20:39:42 +1000
From: "Les Bell" <lesbell at lesbell.com.au>
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As you are all doubtless aware, the winner was "Sydeney", and as a
Sydney and the eastern states are having all kinds of inconveniences
imposed upon them. One of these is the bringing forward of the change to
Daylight Savings time from its usual date of the last Sunday in October,
the last Sunday in August.

I've been curious about whether Linux would handle this adjustment, so
today I went investigating. The time zone information files are binary,
you can't tell much from them, so I went and found the source RPM's and
a look. To cut a long story short, here is what I found with three
of Caldera, which is what I mostly use around here:

Version   Zone Info Version        Problems
2.4       zoneinfo-1999d-1         OK for NSW & Vic, WRONG for Tas.
2.3       zoneinfo-1999d-1         (ditto, obviously)
2.2       zoneinfo-1999a-1         Wrong for NSW, Vic and Tas

I haven't checked Red Hat or other distros, but bearing in mind the
approximate release dates, I'd guess that Red Hat 6.2, 6.1 and 6.0 have
similar problems. A simple

rpm -q zoneinfo

will tell you what's what. I don't know whether zoneinfo-1999[bc] have
correct data for NSW and Vic. However, I do know that the
tzdata2000d.tar.gz file at elsie.nci.nih.gov is correct for Tasmania (I
haven't looked yet at how to build the binary files from this, but I
have a
Makefile, so it shouldn't be a problem. It can probably be fixed by
the zic command).

The upshot is that it's quite possible that unless their distro
are on the ball, Tasmanian Linux users may find their systems reporting
incorrect times between August 27th and 29th October. People using older
versions of many distros in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania may also have
problems. Of course, if you simply use date -s to correct the problem,
system will now have an incorrect idea of UTC and other time zones.

There's a good summary of the situation at (and I hate to say this):


This isn't - shock! horror! - Y2K all over again, but I figured I would
point it out so that those of you who have time-critical systems have
warning. Apologies if you're all aware of this problem, but I haven't
any discussion of it elsewhere.

Please pass this info on to your LUG members and anyone else who might
it useful.


--- Les [http://www.lesbell.com.au]

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