[H-GEN] using linux on nec versa lite?

David Starkoff dbs at humbug.org.au
Wed Jul 19 03:12:56 EDT 2000

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At 2000-07-19T02:51-0400, yh tan wrote:

> anyone using nec notebooks with linux os?
> any compatibility problem with linux & it h/w drivers?
> thinking of getting a new nec versa lite notebook & i'll be using it with
> linux os. not sure abt any device modules avaialble for it's ethnet & modem
> hardware.

I don't know terribly much about NEC laptops per se (but they sponsor
the Davis Cup! They must be good!), but if you have any queries about
laptop hardware being supported, then you should give the Linux on
Laptops page a peruse:


You might also get lucky, and have some Linux compatiblity information
on NEC's corporate pages.

On a hearsay note, when I was looking around to buy my laptop (a couple
of years ago now) what I saw written about NEC Versas and their Linux
compatibility was quite glowing.  The situation may have changed now, or
my memory could be faulty.

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