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Michael Anthon mca at tams.com.au
Fri Apr 21 19:34:20 EDT 2000

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> > Can't we just use ORBS[0]?  The linux-kernel list went through this
> > whole process a little while ago and decided to do that rather than
> > filtering by From address.
I would suggest that this is not a terribly good idea.  About 6 months
(maybe longer, time is passing quickly for me lately) ago I set up ORBS
and RBL on my mail server and it quite happily started to reject about
50% of our VALID mail.  Since most of this mail was coming from our
customers, I very quickly removed the ORBS/RBL stuff.  Last I checked,
all the CITEC servers (which service the majority of qld.gov.au mail)
and the Telstra mail relay (postoffice.telstra.net which is my secondary
mail server in case my link goes down) were listed in ORBS.

Something that I would like to be able to do with ORBS/RBL is to be able
to make sendmail add an extra header to the message indicating that it
came from a server listed in these systems and then I can use client
side filters to do something sensible with them if I feel like it.  Can
anyone suggest a way that this can be done?  I believe it should be
possible but 
a) I can figure out how to do it.
b) I can't find a hack/howto that someone else has done

Michael Anthon

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