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Mike Andrew mikero at norfolk.nf
Sun Apr 16 02:23:07 EDT 2000

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as many of you are aware, this site was set up last year to help newcomers
install hardware or software under Linux, with specific, first-person, steps to
install the whatever.

Some of you here are also contributors to that site.

The site is caldera - centric, but need not be.

It has currently grown to seven mirrors, and updates or new material is
averaging 3 to 4 times per week.

I place a short notice to other interested mailgroups alerting them to those
changes, my question to this mailer is, do you also want to to recieve this
(generally) short notice? I do not post private mail.

This is not an advertorial for the site, it is doing very nicely thank you
<grin>. Some people would consider any 'updates' posting as junk mail and
innapropriate. Please let me know *publicly* if a posting to this mailgroup
would be appreciated.

--  http://linux.nf/stepbystep.htm + mirrors
StepByStep submissions: mikero at norfolk.nf netlama at i.am

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