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Clinton Roy latte at uq.net.au
Fri Apr 14 06:50:06 EDT 2000

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hey folks.

I'm looking for project management software, particularly experiences
that people have had with some. Obviously they have to run under a
Unix type OS (cause I certainly wouldn't mention anything else in a
post to general, or any humbug list for that matter).

The features I'm looking for are (basically, and feel free to add):
* milestones
* resources
* gantt charts (an unfortunate requirement, but hey, it looks pretty)
* non gui interface
* lots of different reporting options, weekly/fortnightly/monthly etc.

I'm currently looking at OpenSched[1]. What I like about it is that's
it's text input, LaTeX (amongst other things) output. This lets me
write report stuff like I usually do.

Thanks for any input.

[1] http://www.vision.irl.cri.nz/~alan/opensched/

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