[H-GEN] bizarre DNS problem

Daniel Quinlan daniel at netwise.net.au
Wed Apr 5 23:05:29 EDT 2000

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  one of our clients is having a really bizarre DNS problem.
  intermittently mail to a particular domain (ochreis.com.au) bounces with
  an error of 'host lookup did not complete'

  when this happens you can't resolve the MX record for that domain from
  any DNS server except the primary for ochreis.com.au
  dig mx ochreis.com.au   
  times out but

  dig @oda.webdata.com.au mx ochreis.com.au

  doesn't. the problem goes away after a few minutes and everything seems
  fine. webdata have said 'everything is ok on our end, it must be your server'
  however when the problem is happening i've tried

  dig @ns.telstra.net mx ochreis.com.au
  dig @ns.ozemail.com.au mx ochreis.com.au
  dig @warrane.connect.com.au mx ochreis.com.au

  and they all timeout.

  any ideas on what could cause this?

  ps. web browsing to www.ochreis.com.au works fine when the problem with the
  MX records occurs.

Daniel Quinlan				daniel at netwise.net.au
Netwise Australia			ph:  07 3252 8111
"Engineering Network Solutions"		fax: 07 3216 0226

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