[H-GEN] Microsoft lost - what now ?

Christopher Biggs chris at stallion.oz.au
Wed Apr 5 02:19:04 EDT 2000

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Frank Brand <fbrand at uq.net.au> moved upon the face of the 'Net and spake thusly:

> Yes I think you might be Luke. I think Michael's view of the extended appeal
> process is closer to the truth. And in about 15 years time  - or maybe even 5
> years time - what value will be left in the code for Win 95 so Bill could come
> up with a plan to put Win 95 into the public domain as his penance.

BZZT.  Thanks for playing.  

There's a neat little provision in the US anti-trust law which
anticipates robber-barons with bottomless war-chests.   The appeal
process for antitrust cases bypasses the appeals court and goes
direcrtly to the Supremes, do not pass go, do not waste 15 years.

The Judge has handed down his "Findings of Law", but yas not yet
decided the penalty.  The penalty finding is due some time in the next
2 months.

*Then* the appeals start.

--cjb (*good* sigmonster!)

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