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David Starkoff dbs at humbug.org.au
Tue Apr 4 23:02:32 EDT 2000

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At 2000-04-05T10:33+1000, Luke Grant wrote:

> Correct me if i am wrong.....but i was under the impression that this
> last case was the apeal to the supreme court under surveilance from
> the senate. That would make this decision final......
> I could be mistaken though.

You are.

The judgment of Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson was the first step in what
seems to be a long road of legal proceedings.  This was the trial stage
of the matter, and can be appealed to the relevant US Court of Appeals
and, from there (with the leave of the Supreme Court) to the Supreme

And since Judge Jackson's decision seems to have pretty much flipped the
bird to a previous decision by the Court of Appeals earlier in this same
case, Microsoft seems pretty hopeful that perhaps it might be reversed
on appeal.

And then there's the Supreme Court, which doesn't seem that it'd be
rushed in the matter, once it finally meanders its way there.

There is the possibility that the US Court of Appeals can be
circumvented and the case go directly to the Supreme Court, but ever
since that was mooted, it seems to have been regarded as an unlikely

See, amongst the rest of Wired's coverage,




There's probably also good stuff on lots of other places too.

> On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, Chris Ryan wrote:
> > Michael Anthon wrote:
> > > Sure, I'll take a stab at it [1].  Micro$oft will spend the next 15 years
> > > appealing this decision, in the meantime, it will be business as usual...

Barring, of course, the US and 19 remaining States getting interim


Which could prove to be fun, fun, fun for everybody involved.

> > Wait a minute.  You've got it wrong.  It's not 15 years.  These shows
> > always show the cases wrapped up in a few days or weeks [1] at most.


Although, `Murder One' *did* spend its entire first season on one
case...  :-)

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