[H-GEN] Where's a good place for SCSI cables

Patrick Nichols pat at humbug.org.au
Tue Apr 4 21:27:28 EDT 2000

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> Does anyone know a GOOD place to get SCSI cables from? I'm after a
> 50 Pin, High density (both ends) and a 68 Pin High density (both ends)
to suit
> sun gear. (connectors are otherwise known as Mini Din??? or Honda)
> Preferably on line and will do COD or in Brisbane North/West.

I know of Mike Headly Cables.  The seem reasonably priced on the things
which I have bought from them.  I think they are geared towards commercial
sales, but will sell to the public.  They don't have prices on their web
pages, but you could always call them up, and place an order over the



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