[H-GEN] Aid and Assistance Sought

Jason Henry Parker jasonp at uq.net.au
Mon Apr 3 01:35:21 EDT 2000

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Michael Anthon <mca at tams.com.au> writes:

> If all you want to do is get X up and running and you are not after super
> speed performance, I'd suggest getting a standard PCI S3 card.  I have had

One problem with using a PCI S3 card is you're not likely to get a
Linux framebuffer operating; there is some problem that mkes writing a
fb driver for these cards difficult.

As you say, howefer, if *all* you want is X, then an S3 will do just

4.  A SIMIAN should respond to a TYPE or FASTER request with an
ACCEPT code, especially if there are deadlines.  The only other
allowed responses are REFUSE, ASLEEP, GONE, NORESPONSE, or DEAD.

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