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> Dear OSDClub announce members,
> Final reminder!  Register now for the Open Source Developers'  
> Conference 2007:
> http://www.osdc.com.au/registration/index.html
> Key information:
>       26th November           - Tutorials
>       27th - 29th November    - Technical programme
>       28th November           - Google Conference Dinner
>       Royal on the Park Hotel
>       Cnr Alice & Albert Streets
>       Brisbane CBD
>       Queensland
> Each full registration ($325) includes one dinner ticket (until sold  
> out).
> Single day tickets are also available for $150.  Check out our  
> tutorial program
> at http://www.cgpublisher.com/conferences/107/web/program-detail.html
> Keynote talks this year include:
> Rusty Russell:	    "C: A Humbling Language"
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> Some languages have beautiful constructs and elegant power. Others
> have novelty and fresh ideas. Surely C is a sometimes-necessary evil,
> and been around so long that there's nothing new to discover about it?
> So what kind of retarded masochist would select C as their language of
> choice? And why?
> Rasmus Lerdorf:     "Exploring the Broken Web"
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> XSS and XSRF has been a thorn in the side of the web for years now.
> Rasmus will show some very common mistakes people make and tie it to
> the real world by showing a vulnerability in actual sites.
> Paul Fenwick:       "An Illustrated History of Failure"
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> The average individual is given little scope for failure, at least not
> the type that really matters. The opportunity for catastrophic
> failure, that influences nations or continents, has been traditionally
> reserved for royalty, parliament, and others in a position of great
> leadership.
> However in recent times we have developed a profession who have the
> opportunity to fail like never before. A profession that can make
> mistakes that are so monumental, so wide-reaching, and so costly they
> can shake civilisation to its very core. This elite group, rarely seen
> by every day society, are the foundation upon which modern society
> depends. The few, the proud, the Software Developer.
> Join us for a voyage of discovery, as we travel back through history
> to some of the most monumental failures the world has ever seen.
> Jonathan Oxer:	    "Software Freedom: Pragmatic Idealism?"
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> The Free / Open Source Software (FOSS) community is incredibly  
> diverse with a
> corresponding variety of reasons for participation. At one end of  
> the scale is
> dreamy idealism, which aims to free all information for the good of  
> mankind. At
> the other end is economic pragmatism, which sees Open Source as a  
> powerful
> business opportunity and software development model.
> Is there common middle ground where both ends of the spectrum can  
> meet? Can Free
> Software really can be Pragmatic Idealism? And what are we doing as  
> a country in
> terms of building a sustainable local ICT industry?
> Be a part of this fantastic conference and help it be the best  
> developers'
> conference this year!  If your business would like to benefit from  
> exposure
> to many of Australia's best open source developers then perhaps you  
> should
> consider sponsorship.  We have a wide range of sponsorship options,  
> to find
> out more information please visit:
> http://www.osdc.com.au/sponsors/index.html
> 	Jacinta Richardson
> 	OSDC Publicity Officer
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