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Forwarded with permissions.  Mark had apparently already tried to send 
this this to blip-vert but I don't remember seeing it.



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Subject: [SAGE-AU-JOBS] Situations Vacant: Linux Admin, Brisbane

Please forgive the nature of this job-ad, i'm a bit out of my league but
doing a favour for a relative.

CC Consulting are on the hunt for a Linux Expert to join their team
based in one of Brisbanes northern suburbs. Looks like the distro's
preferred are RedHat and Ubuntu, and the position will be fairly varied
- its a sole-charge specialist position.

I have put more detail, and a link to the full Job Description document,


Anyone interested in such a position, please feel free to look above.
I've extracted some of the key components of the JD to the above link -
if it takes your fancy, pull down the PDF.  Theres contact details for
the company within the document - email and phone.  Their website is

Please note: I have no alliegence to the firm involved, however, my
Uncle is doing some work with them and he put them on to me to try to
help them out.  But i'm nowhere near Brisbane...

Anyway, please direct enquiries to the addresses in the JD, not to




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