[H-ANNOUNCE] Next exec meeting - 2006-09-23 21:00

David Seikel onefang at gmail.com
Sat Sep 16 09:59:45 EDT 2006

The next exec meeting will be held during the next HUMBUG meeting, at
9:00 PM on the 23rd of this month.

In the past exec had decided not to hold exec meetings during ordinary
meetings.  This was due to the interruptions if we hold the meeting in
the same room, or the requirement to have one exec member absent from
the exec meeting so that at least one exec is in charge of the main

The last twelve months of exec meetings where held at the beginning of
HUMBUG meetings as there was no other meeting place on offer, and it
proved much easier to get everybody to agree to meet at that time.

The last exec meeting was constantly interrupted by conversations with
other HUMBUG members.  Nothing got done.  We should bring a large
"STFU" sign or some other LART to this next meeting.  B-)

All HUMBUG members are invited to attend the exec meeting, but those not
attending could you please not interrupt with stuff that is not
relevant to the meeting.

The agenda items so far are -

Purchase of new network equipment for meetings.

Post Office Box keys.

Cheque signing rights

Catch up on cheques that should have been signed by the last exec.

Ssh keys and access to caliburn + hydra.

Financial statement of club, ie. Bank records and income/expenses
from previous exec.

Volunteers for pack up roster.

Ratification of event organiser and LCA organiser positions appointed
during the AGM.

Membership Database.

Financial tracking database.

Library Inventory database.

Purchase of none-impossible-to-get-open padlock for the cashbox.

Possible additional uses for the underutilised powerhouse that is
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