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Wed Nov 29 02:52:37 EST 2006

Sounds like a fun job.

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Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 16:03:54 +1000
From: Jonathan Roberts
To: secretary at humbug.org.au
Subject: We need a Linux person for our Robotics projects!


Do you know of anyone in the Brisbane area with Linux experience and a 
love for robotics? We have a job opening for a robot platform engineer.

Please see the PDF attached and the job ad below.

Would it be possible to distribute this to your members either 
electronically or at your up coming meeting?



-The Ad--------
We require a motivated and dedicated Embedded Software Engineer to 
provide embedded software development expertise for the CSIRO ICT
Centre Robotics Research team.

The CSIRO ICT Centre is building a role for Australia as a global ICT 
innovator by delivering leading-edge Information and Communication 
Technology solutions for industry and society. The Centre has over 200 
researchers across Australia working on a wide range of ICT
technologies and application areas.

The CSIRO Robotics team is a group of scientists and engineers located 
in Brisbane who specialise in developing solutions to real-world 
problems in robotics. An emphasis is placed on real-world “field” 
applications such as autonomous ground vehicles for industrial
materials handling tasks and robotic aircraft for the inspection of

You will become a valuable member of our team providing expertise in 
embedded software engineering for development and testing of research 
robots both at our laboratory test site and in the field.  As a result 
we are seeking a suitably qualified person who possesses a combination 
of computer programming skills and a deep understanding of UNIX-based 
Operating Systems such as Linux, QNX or VxWorks.

Jonathan Roberts
Science Leader - Robotics
Principal Research Scientist
Autonomous Systems Laboratory

Post: P.O. Box 883, Kenmore, Qld 4069, Australia
Office: QCAT, 1 Technology Court, Pullenvale, Qld 4069
T: +61 7 3327-4501 F: +61 7 3327-4455
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