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Subject: Wanted: Technical Trainer "Independent Contractor" ( VMware --
Asia-Pacific Rim)

Technical Trainer
(Independent Contractor -- Based in the Eastern region of Australia in
support of the Asia-Pacific Rim)

VMware, Inc. is the global leader in virtual infrastructure solutions
for industry-standard systems and one of the fastest growing software
companies in the world.  VMware solutions are deployed at over 20,000
companies (including 80% of Fortune 100 companies) and used by over 3
million users.  

We have approximately doubled our revenue each year since our inception
in 1998, with 2005 revenue reaching nearly $400M.  We are an independent
subsidiary of EMC (NYSE: EMC).

Find out more about VMware at www.vmware.com/company


This position, reporting to the Manager of Education Services, is
responsible for delivering technical courses for VMware distributors,
channel partners, customers, and internal employees.  Courses will be
delivered in traditional lecture/lab settings. 

Responsibilities include:


* Teaching courses for customers, partners, distributors, and internal
* Conducting train the trainer sessions,
* Working with fellow instructors to improve training materials and

Course Development

* Developing custom courses using and extending existing training
* Working with subject matter experts to validate course design and
* Working with course developers and marketing to determine curriculum
* Updating and maintaining existing courseware and labs,


* Traveling 50% of the time,
* Working with VMware's Technical Publications and Systems Engineering
group to ensure consistency of product documentation and training
materials, and to exploit opportunities for reuse of these materials,
* Investigating, developing, and implementing programs for alternative
education channels for customers and strategic partners, such as online
"webinars", eLearning, and technical awareness seminars,
* Assisting in interviewing and selecting new technical trainers,
* Mentoring new trainers, and providing support to other trainers,
especially those based off-site.
* Supporting VMware sales by acting as a strong advocate for VMware
products both inside and outside classes, and
* Assisting engineers in product development by discovering and
reporting bugs and requesting new features in VMware products.

Desirable Skills and Experience

* 4+ years experience teaching technical material, preferably at the
operating system level and below
* 2+ years experience developing technical training materials
* 5+ years experience in technical industry
* Knowledge of systems administration, networking, client/server
applications and hardware configuration
   - Strong knowledge of systems administration in Linux/UNIX and
Microsoft Windows operating systems 
   - Ability to write scripts and simple programs
   - Good practical working ability with Linux and/or Windows utilities
and applications
   - Experience doing and/or teaching one or more of the following:
Linux/UNIX System Administration, Server Hardware Maintenance, x86
Hardware Configuration, Windows 2000+ Server Systems Administration,
Storage Area Networks, Linux/UNIX Kernel Configuration & Tuning,
Windows Server and Network Configuration
* Experience using instructional design models, including:
   - Analyzing audience needs and tying them to business requirements
   - Designing and developing student and instructor guides
   - Creating tests and practical lab activities
* Practical knowledge of modern electronic education delivery channels
(eLearning) and systems (learning management systems)
* Excellent written and oral communication skills
* Project management experience, preferably with large educational

Equal Opportunity Employment

VMware is an equal opportunity employer that values the strengths
diversity brings to the workplace.

Please submit your resume in .txt, .pdf, or .doc format to
wsage at VMware.com
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