[H-ANNOUNCE] Brian Aker speaking @ MySQL UG Brisbane, Tue 31 Jan 2006

Mark Suter suter at zwitterion.humbug.org.au
Fri Jan 6 02:45:32 EST 2006


Arjen gave me the following to pass on - RSVP details below.

    Brian Aker (MySQL Director of Architecture) will speak at the upcoming 
    meeting of the Brisbane MySQL Users Group, Tuesday January 31st, 7pm.

    He will talk about the funky new stuff in 5.1 like partitioning, 
    row-based replication and plug-in architecture, and update on the other 
    5.x features like updateable views, stored procedures, triggers, 

    And you can of course grill him on any MySQL feature or technicality.
    He knows stuff ;-)

    Brian is based in Seattle so this is a rare event. If you're a MySQL 
    user, you probably want to meet and talk with this fella!

    Sign up (free) and RSVP for this event at 

    (note: the meeting date was shifted for this once, the usual meeting day 
    is on the first Tuesday of each month).

Mark Suter
Humbug President

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