[H-ANNOUNCE] HUMBUG exec meeting minutes 2006-02-11.

David Seikel onefang at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 12:08:17 EST 2006

(Secretaries note: These minutes where recorded by Mark Suter, then
edited by me.  I get nasty writers cramp, and I can only use a Dvorak
keyboard to keep up with conversation, but Mark didn't want the meeting
to be at the other end of the room where my Dvorak keyboard was.  Mark
volunteered to record the minutes.  The other exec members have had
more than a week to review this, there were no corrections from them.)

Meeting opened at Sat Feb 11 16:02:59 EST 2006


	Mark Suter, President
	Timothy Hitchens, Vice-President
	Tim Kent, Treasurer
	David Seikel, Secretary
	Tony Bilbrough, Librarian

	Greg Black
	Horiato Davis
	Simon Ellis
	Mike O'Loan
	Pia Waugh

Item 1: Paying for caliburn traffic.

A cheque had been written, signed, and handed over just prior to the
meeting commencing.

Item 2: PO box keys.

David Seikel and Timothy Hitchens have one of each of the two
keys.  Timothy Hitchens says there is a low volume of mail.  Mark
Suter says that the email notification of mail in the PO box thing is
great, both of the Tim's agree.  It is agreed that there is no problems
with the keys staying where they are.

Item 3: DNS problem briefing.

The following email sent to the exec list by Mark Suter prompted a
request that the exec by briefed on the problem -

> > FYI, the IRT has received a report that your computer with IP
> > (caliburn.humbug.org.au) has been generating potentially
> > undesirable DNS traffic. For more information about This IP address
> > was reported as being an open DNS server and may have been used in
> > an ongoing DDoS attack via DNS amplification:
> > 
> >     http://www.cert.org/incident_notes/IN-2000-04.html
> I understand - I helped review
> http://www.auscert.org.au/render.html?it=80 regarding this very topic.
> I have just implemented changes to the nameserver configuration on
> Caliburn to mitigate the amplification.  Because of it's previous open
> config, I have left zone transfers open for the time being.

<insert Auscert Advisory Mark Suter helped write in 1999> 

We've done what the advisory recommend.  Timothy Hitchens clarifies what
a DoS attack is.  Greg Black queries the impact on caliburn - Mark Suter
answers it's negligible.

Item 4: Mailing list archive.

The mailing list archive link on the HUMBUG website points to
archive.humbug.org.au, a service run by one of our members (Bruce).
David Seikel relays a request to change that link to point to archives
kept internally by mailman.

Timothy Hitchens comments on all the 404s that would happen.

Mark Suter points out there's two archives - archive.humbug.org.au and
the mailman internal archive.  The archive.humbug.org.au one is older,
since it predates our change over to mailman for mailing lists.  The
mailman one is automatically generated and remains untouched, while the
other one is maintained by Bruce.

Do we want to get off archive.humbug.org.au?

David Seikel suggests "official" status for the mailman archive.

Timothy Hitchens is worried about 404s if archive.humbug.org.au DNS

Mark Suter/David Seikel's suggestion - just edit mailinglists.php to
mention the mailman archives.

Tony Bilbrough says changing archive is editing history - bad

Pia Waugh asked, "why two?"  Mark Suter said: Mailman one came with
mailman (no work on our part) whilst archive.humbug.org.au is more

(Secretaries note: at this point I am unsure which Tim is being quoted
here, so I will leave it as written by Mark.)

	Tim: We get contacted about outages for archive.humbug.org.au
	Tim's suggestion - standard response letter
	Mark's suggestion - base to link to Bruce's.
	Mark then Tim - leave it with Bruce.
	no objections from anyone...

(Secretaries note: From memory, the letter being discussed is a
letter on archive.humbug.org.au detailing a standard response to
requests to edit email archives.  This report of that part of the
meeting seems a little disjointed, that's because that part of the
meeting was a little disjointed.)

Item 5: Virtual exec meeting.

David Seikel tells of difficulty getting people together physically for
the first exec meeting to happen.  This is that first meeting, at around
the time we should be having our second.  He suggests that virtual
meetings may be a solution, but wonders about the relevant wording of
the constitution.

(Secretaries note: For reference, the constitution says "must be
present", twice.)

Tony Bilbrough / Timothy Hitchens suggest VoIP/Skype.

David Seikel suggests Jabber, which understands the concept of
"presence", and gives us a transcript of the meeting for free.

Tim Kent mentions that having the exec meeting early, before the regular
meeting is not good - perhaps dinner.

Mark Suter says reason to not have it during a regular meeting is one
exec must stay behind at regular meeting.

David Seikel proposes a motion - "Are Virtual meetings OK in principle,
regardless of the technology used?  Timothy Hitchens seconds the
motion.  Passes unanimously.

Mark Suter says to discuss details on the exec mailing list, everyone

Item 6: Equipment for regular meetings.

David Seikel wants money for taxi fares if he has to lug the equipment
to the regular meetings, as he has no car. He suggests taking it out of
petty cash.

Mark Suter and Timothy Hitchens say : cheques only.

David thinks taxi fare from New Farm to UQ is about AUD 20.

Timothy Hitchens and Mark Suter - okay if we get receipts and pay after.

(Secretaries note: I recall that I motioned, some one else seconded,
and it was passed that it's OK to catch a taxi to HUMBUG meetings in
order to bring the meeting equipment to the meeting, present the exec
with a receipt, and get a cheque to reimburse the fare.)

Other business:

Simon Ellis suggests better relations with other related user groups:
sharing resources, sharing speakers e.g. http://www.lugvegas.org/,
http://www.seqnug.org.au/, and http://www.sage-au.org.au/.  Tony
Bilbrough - "open days?" - Simon Ellis - "Yes.".  Mark Suter doesn't not
want it to happen - we're all unsocial.  Pia talks about "Software
Freedom Day" later.

David Seikel says we need a Talk Maintainer - Mark Suter says, feel free
to solicit one from the membership.

Meeting closed at Sat Feb 11 16:54:46 EST 2006
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