[H-ANNOUNCE] Upcoming talks: SICP lecture series

Ben Fowler bjf at bjf.id.au
Sat Sep 18 03:53:21 EDT 2004

Hi all,

Recently, some members of HUMBUG (who are studying programming 
languages) suggested that for HUMBUG meetings that have no prior talks 
scheduled, we should screen the excellent MIT-produced lecture series, 
'Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs', named after the 
classic computer science text.

So for each HUMBUG meeting from the 9th of October [1] inclusive (the 
meeting after the AGM), we'll be screening a single lecture at 5pm.  
Each lecture runs for about an hour, and will be timed to finish up at 
about the time which people go to get dinner.

These videos are of interest especially to beginning programmers [2], 
and to more advanced students wishing to learn about Lisp and functional 

If has any concerns or suggestions, please feel free to post to the 
HUMBUG Talks mailing list or write to the Talks Maintainer.

-warmest regards,


[1] I will not be attending the meeting on this day due to prior 
[2] Apparently, there are IT subject at UQ using 'Structure and 
Interpretation of
     Computer Programs'; I'll be contacting ITEE to let them know of our 
plans, in
     case any of their students or academics are interested in showing up.

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