[H-ANNOUNCE] Upcoming Talk [NEW TIME] (3/7/2004): Fedora and the Fedora Project

Ben Fowler bjf at bjf.id.au
Mon Jun 28 10:03:26 EDT 2004

HUMBUG, the Home UNIX Machine Brisbane Users Group, holds talks and
group discussions on various topics of interest to club members during
club meetings.

Details of the upcoming talk are as follows.

TITLE:     Fedora and the Fedora Project

PRESENTER: Warren Togami

ABSTRACT:  Warren Togami, of Red Hat and Fedora fame, has kindly offerrd
            to present a talk on the Fedora Project.

            Please note the new time.  This is due to the times in which
            the speaker is available to present the talk.

TARGET     Everybody!

DATE:      Saturday 3rd July, 2004.

TIME:      4.00pm. (**NOTE THE NEW TIME**)

LOCATION:  Room S201 (HUMBUG meeting room)
            Hawken Building (Number 50 on the campus maps)
            University of Queensland

(Special thanks to Rob Keary and Raymond Smith for organising the talk.)

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