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Subject: MySQL training courses in Melbourne,Brisbane,Sydney (new pricing)
From: Arjen Lentz <arjen at mysql.com>
Date: Fri, November 14, 2003 3:30 pm

MySQL AB, the company that develops and supports the popular MySQL
database software, has scheduled its next "Using & Managing MySQL"
training courses in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney:

  Melbourne    : Monday 1 December 2003 - Friday 5 December 2003
  Brisbane     : Monday 2 February 2004 - Friday 6 February 2004
  Sydney       : Monday 1 March 2004    - Friday 5 March 2004

  Schedule     : Two course segments, 2+3 days
  Details      : See below and http://www.mysql.com/training/
  Price:       : A$ 2995 for the full 5 days, lunches included
  Discounts    : LUG and AUUG members are eligable for a 10% discount
  Certification: Core and Prof. Training customers receive discount
  Questions    : training at mysql.com (or arjen at mysql.com)
  Register     : https://order.mysql.com/?marl

Observant readers will notice the significantly lower pricing.
See http://www.mysql.com/news/article-457.html for details.
It is also possible to register for just the "Managing MySQL" portion if
you are already an advanced MySQL user.

To maintain the benefits of the highly interactive nature of the course,
the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 10 people. The
courses are taught by Arjen Lentz, MySQL AB's Australian trainer.

Modules : Using: 2.0 days, Managing: 3.0 days
Products: MySQL 4.0 and 4.1, Command-line and graphical clients/tools.
Format  : Instructor led, highly interactive classroom setting,
          exercises, individual student PCs.

Course       : Using MySQL (2.0 days)
Description  : This course covers the fundamentals of MySQL.
Audience     : Application developers, administrators, users who also
               need to work with the database server directly (table
               design, loading data, queries).
Certification: Combined with sufficient practical experience, this
               course prepares for the MySQL 4 Core Certification.
Prerequisites: Basic computer literacy. Understanding of SQL
               fundamentals is useful (the pace of this course is
               fast - we will shortly also be offering a longer
At completion of this course, you should be able to:
 - Understand the essentials of the MySQL AB company and MySQL
 - Find and effectively utilize resources such as the MySQL website,
   the online reference manual, mailing lists and others.
 - Understand the fundamentals of relational databases and the
   client/server concept.
 - List the major features and roadmap of MySQL.
 - Perform a basic MySQL installation on Windows or Linux.
 - Use the standard command-line and graphical clients to connect with
   the MySQL Server and execute basic commands.
 - Identify column types and their characteristics, choosing the
   appropriate type.
 - Understand automatic type and column conversions.
 - Create and modify databases and tables (Data Definition Language). -
 Import data from a file or via an ODBC connection.
 - Understand and use most common functions and expressions.
 - Write and execute basic SQL queries including joins and aggregation. -
 Perform operations on data (Data Manipulation Language).
 - Establish a basis for further MySQL training.

Course       : Managing MySQL (3.0 days)
Description  : This course covers administration and optimisation of
               MySQL servers and applications.
Audience     : Advanced application developers, administrators
Certification: Combined with sufficient practical experience, this
               course prepares for the MySQL 4 Professional
Prerequisites: This course builds on the knowledge as described for
               the Using MySQL course. Experience with MySQL required.
At completion of this course, you should be able to:
 - Identify the various components of a MySQL Server and their function.
 - Identify and navigate elements in the physical structure of a MySQL
   Server on disk and in memory.
 - Understand the differences between MySQL RPM, binary and source
 - Perform a custom installation on Windows or any standard Unix.
 - Assess the various upgrade considerations and perform an upgrade. -
 Know where to find/create configuration files and understand their
 - Set up appropriate logging and interpret log output.
 - Understand the concepts of the MySQL security system.
 - Adequately and properly secure a default MySQL installation.
 - Create new users, and grant/revoke privileges on different levels. -
 List and describe the different (categories of) storage engines,
   their specific characteristics, choosing the appropriate type.
 - Administer and maintain MyISAM and InnoDB tables on a live server. -
 Create and restore backups, recovery of MyISAM and InnoDB tables. -
 Understand transactions and concurrency control.
 - Tune server settings for different storage engines and environments. -
 Install and control replication and multiple servers.
 - Describe how the MySQL server optimises and processes queries.
 - Analyse query efficiency utilizing different tools and techniques. -
 Comprehend why certain constructs are slower, and work out solutions. -
 Optimize all relevant aspects of the server environment in
   appropriate priority.

Arjen Lentz, Technical Writer, Trainer
Brisbane, QLD Australia
MySQL AB, www.mysql.com

MySQL Training courses in Australia: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney
Training,Support,Licenses,T-shirts @ https://order.mysql.com/?marl

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