Warchalking Walk at Powerhouse next Saturday

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Sat Jul 5 04:22:28 EDT 2003


At today meeting, David Cox - a UQ PHD candidate, asked to make an
announcement.  He spoke briefly at the meeting and I thought the issues
would be of importance to Humbug members as a whole, hence this post.

As part of a "Currents in Australasian Internet Research and Culture"
conference being held at the Brisbane Powerhouse next weekend, there's a
Warchalking Walk:

    4.p.m. Saturday, 12 July 2003
    Warchalking Walk - Methods & Details
    Bring laptop with a wireless modem installed.
    Anyone with knowledge, please attend.

    Brisbane Powerhouse
    Centre for the Live Arts
    New Farm Park

To attend the Warchalking event, just show up.  For the conference
proper, you'll need to register.  For more details on the conference
proper and the group in general, visit their site:


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