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Subject: AOSS5: Fifth Australian Open Source Symposium
From: "Rick Stevenson" <ricks at snapgear.com>
Date: Tue, July 1, 2003 4:32 pm
To: <auug-announce at auug.org.au>

AOSS is an annual gathering of the Australian Open Source
community. The fifth Australian Open Source Symposium (AOSS 5)
will be held in Brisbane on 16 July 2003.

AOSS is run by developers, for developers, but other members
of the IT community are welcome and will benefit from the
``hands-on'' atmosphere. Our goals are to promote the sharing
of information and experience, to give the community a place
to interact, and to nurture and harness synergies between
Open Source projects.

Just as Open Source is a little different, so is AOSS. The
majority of the presenters are actively involved in Open Source
development. With few exceptions, they talk about work that
they have done, or work which is currently in progress.
The majority of the developers are local residents, demonstrating
that Open Source is a global phenomenon.

Previous AOSS events were resounding successes. We expect
this one to be even better.

For further details and the registration form, see:

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