[H-ANNOUNCE] UPCOMING TALK: Overview of Linux Standards Base (LSB) - 23/11/2002

Ben Fowler fowlerb at optushome.com.au
Thu Nov 21 06:54:30 EST 2002

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[Sorry for the late notice - Ben.]

HUMBUG, the Home UNIX Machine Brisbane Users Group, holds talks and
group discussions on various topics of interest to club members during
club meetings.

Events that are of general interest are held in the main meeting room,
while more-specialised material is presented and discussed in a separate

Details of the upcoming talk are as follows.

TITLE:     Overview of the Linux Standards Base

PRESENTER: Anthony 'aj' Towns.

ABSTRACT:  Anthony Towns, a core Debian developer, will present a talk
             outlining the Linux Standards Base project, the rationale
             for the effort, what it standardises and what it hopes to

DATE:      Saturday, 23rd November, 2002.

TIME:      6.00pm.

LOCATION:  Axon 102 (Building 43 on the campus maps)

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