[H-ANNOUNCE] MySQL training course in Sydney (9-13 Dec) by MySQL AB (fwd)

Raymond Smith zzrasmit at uqconnect.net
Wed Nov 6 07:30:43 EST 2002

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Date: 04 Nov 2002 14:41:33 +1000
From: Arjen Lentz <arjen at mysql.com>
To: Raymond Smith <raymond at humbug.org.au>
Subject: MySQL training course in Sydney (9-13 Dec) by MySQL AB

Hi Raymond! Could you forward this to the list? Tnx, Arjen.

MySQL AB, the company that develops and supports the popular MySQL
database software, has scheduled its next Australian training course.

  Location: Sydney NSW (at Clifton & Associates, George St)
  Dates: Mon 9 Dec - Fri 13 Dec (two course segments, 2+3 days)
  Info: http://www.mysql.com/training/ or training at mysql.com
  Register: https://order.mysql.com/?marl

To maintain the benefits of the highly interactive nature of the course,
the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 10-12 people.

Note: given enough interest, a Brisbane course can be scheduled. Please
write to training at mysql.com if you are interested in this.

Curriculum: Using and Managing MySQL

Using MySQL (2 days):

Going over the fundamentals of MySQL has turned out to be very useful
for filling holes that may exist in the background of even advanced MySQL

Course Topics: Relational Theory, RDBMS Concepts, MySQL Overview,

"Managing MySQL" (3 days):

The way to become a good (or even better) MySQL Administrator and to
make your applications even faster!. We teach you the DBA tasks using
MySQL and go through various ways of optimising the setup and
performance of your MySQL server. You will learn how to write queries
that execute fast, how to design databases with response time in mind,
and how to use less resource in order to make your application scale
better. We also explain you how to properly secure your system.

Course Topics: General DBA Tasks, Database Structure, User Management,
Backup & Recovery, Security, Damage Detection & Repairing, MySQL
Configuration, Replication, Optimizing SELECTs, Optimizing UPDATEs,
INSERTs and DELETEs, Index usage, Using MySQL Extensions, Table Types,
Portability, PHP vs Perl vs C++ vs C vs ODBC, Choosing MySQL Release,
Compiling and installing MySQL, Tuning the OS, Tuning mysqld, Tuning

You're already an advanced MySQL user? You can register only for
"Managing MySQL" if you wish. Contact training at mysql.com for pricing!

Check out what previous Australian participants think about our "Using
and Managing MySQL" course!

MySQL Training in Sydney: 9-13 Dec 2002, http://www.mysql.com/training/
Purchase Training, Support, Licenses @ https://order.mysql.com/?marl
   __  ___     ___ ____  __
  /  |/  /_ __/ __/ __ \/ /    Mr. Arjen G. Lentz <arjen at mysql.com>
 / /|_/ / // /\ \/ /_/ / /__   MySQL AB, Technical Writer, Trainer
/_/  /_/\_, /___/\___\_\___/   Brisbane, QLD Australia
       <___/   www.mysql.com

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