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Yours sincerely,

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Subject: Request from academic researcher

Dear Linux User Group Moderator:

I am a faculty member in the Jones school of management at Rice University
in Houston, Texas (this may be verified using a Google search with "Paul
Dholakia", or "Utpal Dholakia"). We are conducting an academic research
project, studying social interactions online, and how communities
organized around products or brands are formed, from a sociological

In this regard, LINUX user groups and mailing lists provide a wonderful
context to study these sociological issues.

We are conducting a survey of members of LINUX user groups/ mailing lists
seeking information on different elements of their thoughts, feelings, and
motivations of participating in such groups, and the value of the group to
them... The survey is available on the web at the following URL:


Of course, this research is strictly academic, and has no commercial links
or interests whatsoever. We hope to publish this research in a sociology

As a small token of our appreciation for participants' time, and in the
spirit of the philosophy underlying the open-source movement, we will
donate $500 total to the five favorite organizations/ groups of our
participants' choice (we ask the participant's to nominate their favorite
groups in the survey).

I am writing to seek your help in conducting this research, first through
participating, and second, through encouraging your user group members to
participate in the research.. This will not take more than ten minutes of
your (and their time). Broad participation will increase the validity and
generalizability of our findings, making the research more useful.

We welcome all help, and look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,
Paul Dholakia
Assistant Professor
Rice University

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