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Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 17:54:39 +1000
From: Michael Paddon <michael at paddon.org>
To: auug-announce at auug.org.au
Subject: Australian Open Source Awards: Call for Nominations

Dear Member,

AUUG is proud to announce the inaugural Australian Open Source Awards. These
annual awards are intended to encourage and recognise the excellence and
dedication of Australians contributing to the open source arena.

AUUG members may nominate any Australian citizen or resident in
any of three categories:

    (1) Technology:
        Awarded for open source work that provides technology or
        programming infrastructure, such as operating systems, programming
        languages and compilers, or database systems.

    (2) Application:
        Awarded for open source work that is focused on solving a
        particular problem or is for use by end users rather than system
        builders. Examples include email clients, text processing systems,
        web browsers, or maybe a program that carries out a complex scientific

    (3) Community:
        Awarded for a significant contribution to the open source community.
        This could be by publicising open source, making open source more
        acceptable to business, encouraging communication and cooperation
        between open source developers, or any other activity that makes
        it easier for open source code to be developed.

Each award will be given for a specific and complete work. Furthermore,
in the case of the Technology and Application awards, the work in question
must be publically available on the Internet and in general use.

AUUG encourages members to nominate worthy recipients for these awards.
Please email all nominations to osa-nominations at auug.org.au, stating the
name of the nominee, the category of award and the reason for nomination.

Nominations are now open, and the last day nominations shall be accepted is
August 12, 2002. Please help us make the inaugural award a success by ensuring
that people who deserve recognition are nominated.

Voting for the awards will be open to all AUUG members, via a web based
polling system. We will provide final details to you after nominations close.
The announcement of winners and the awards ceremony will take place at the
AUUG 2002 conference dinner, on September 5, 2002.

AUUG would like to especially acknowledge the contribution of Patryk Zadarnowski
for originating the idea of the awards, and the generous sponsorship of
Silicon Breeze/Linux Jewellery (www.siliconbreeze.com) for providing the
unique and coveted trophies.

Thanks for your support,

Australian Open Source Awards Committee
osa-nominations at auug.org.au

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