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Please find attached the minutes for the AGM and last two executive
meetings. Please feel free to read over and report any corrections to me.


Raymond Smith
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              Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the
                Home Unix Machine -- Brisbane User Group

Held between 7:15pm and 8:50pm on 16 September 2000, in Room S201
of the Hawken Engineering Building, at the University of Queensland.

Openning Formalities

The meeting was delayed waiting for quorum.

The Chair (Brent Wesley, President) declared the meeting open at 7:15pm.

Reports from Office Bearers

Presidents Report

The President, Brent Wesley, reported another exciting year for HUMBUG
with continued growth in this our fifth anniversary year. He also noted
an increase in the numbers of non traditional members.

This year also marked our first successful Installfest in conjunction with 
the Linux User Groups of other states. Brent reported that there were around
50 installees and about the same number of installers. Another event is
planned for next year. We will be aiming for better publicity.
Librarians Report

The Librarian, Robert Brockway, reported on the various books, hardware,
and magazines held by the library. A motion was moved to accept the 
`Librarian's report by Mark Suter, seconded by Tim Stuart and passed 

(The exact inventory as at 16 September is unavailable at this time.)

Treasurers Report
The Treasurer, Mark Suter, gave a full report on the state of the club's
finances. (Attached at end of these minutes.) There were two points of 
interest. First, the club turned out to have more money in its cash box
than it should have. Second, the drinks custodian Mathew Day has disappeared
along with HUMBUG's eskis, stock and float of $160.30. Brent Wesley
reported that attempts have been made to contact him through his family,
and his last known whereabouts was Cairns.

Brent Wesley moved a motion to accept the Treasurer's report, this was
seconded by Robert Brockway and passed unanimously.

Other Reports

The Vice President Bruce Campbell and Secretary Raymond Smith had nothing 
to report.


Following HUMBUG tradition, Brent Wesley stood down as chairman in favour 
of the Vice President Bruce Campbell. Robert Brockway nominated Brent 
Wesley for the position of President. As no other nominations were recieved,
the Chair declared Brent Wesley President.

Brent Wesley resumed the Chair. He then called for nominations for the 
remaining executive positions.

For the position of Vice President,
	Bruce Campbell was nominated by Brent Wesley. Bruce refused the
 	Robert Brockway was nominated by Jason Parker, and seconded by
	Bruce Campbell.
As no other nominations were received, the Chair declared Robert Brockway
Vice President.

For the position of Secretary,
 	Mark Suter nominated Raymond Smith, Brent Wesley seconded the
As no other nominations were received, the Chair declared Raymond Smith
For the position of Treasurer,
	Mark Suter was nominated by Jason Parker, and seconded by
	Robert Brockway.
As no other nominations were received, the Chair declared Mark Suter

For the position of Librarian,
	Paul Ballard nominated himself, and was seconded by 
	Robert Brockway.
	David Makepeace was nominated by Brent Wesley, and was 
	seconded by Robert Brockway.
A vote was held with 8 for Paul, 13 for David the rest abstaining. 
David Makepeace was therefore declared Librarian.

Other Business

Bruce Campbell

Raymond Smith drew to the clubs attention that Bruce Campbell was
leaving the executive after some four years of service to the club. 
He called on the club to recognise this effort -- and three cheers
were raised in Bruce's honour.

Quorum Issue
A number of members raised the issue of quorum, noting 
that we had continued our tradition of delaying AGMs until 
we had quorum. There seemed to be general agreement that the 
quorum should be lowered from its present level to reflect 
interest in the club.

Other people suggested accepting email proxies to make giving a 
proxy easier.
No specific motions were moved. The President promised that the
executive would email the club options soon.


Clinton Roy announced that the changes he had planned for 
http://www.humbug.org.au/ have been realised and called on 
interested people to take over if they wished.

Robert Brockway offered to take over and was appointed webmaster
by the President.

Developers SIG

Andrae Muys addressed the club briefly about the new Developers SIG
(Special Interest Group). Ideas, papers, and talks are all very welcome 
and should be sent to him or the dsig mailing list.

General Talks
Ben Fowler, the talks maintainer reminded members that he is still
looking for material.  Interested members were directed to the talks
mailing list.

Jason Parker asked if it would be possible to get another room for 
talks. Ben confirmed that this would be looked into.

5th Anniversary Dinner

Clinton reported that the 5th Anniversery Dinner would be held next
week. Cost will be $15.00 per head, please RSVP.

Close of Meeting

As there was no other general business (although Jason Parker reported
having a funny rash) the Chairman called the meeting closed at 8:50pm.
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                       Minutes of an Executive Meeting of the
                      Home Unix Machine -- Brisbane User Group
                                held 11 November 2000


The meeting opened at 7:30PM at the Pizza Cafe, Union Complex,
University of Queensland.


Executive Members:
	Mark Suter (Treasurer), David Makepeace (Librarian), and
	Raymond Smith (Secretary). 

General Members:
	Bruce Campbell and Andrae Muys.

Absent Executive Members:
	Brent Wesley (President, apology received), and
	Robert Brockway (Vice-President, no apology).

AGM Minutes

The AGM Minutes have been held over, waiting for the Librarian's report.

Recruitment Firm

A Brisbane based recruitment firm is interested in sponsoring a meeting.
However with Christmas, end of year, Installfest, and 5th Anniversery it
was felt that HUMBUG was busy enough.

Raymond Smith will follow this up.

Software Engineering Australia

Are interested in getting help with Linux training courses. Could be 
a good way to raise profile, and get some good material for new members. 
Exact details are unclear right now. Mark expressed an interest in
participating in any review of training materials.

Raymond Smith will follow up email.

Webpage Problems

Raymond asked if the problems with incorrect meeting dates had been 
fixed or not. Bruce Campbell reported that this had been caused by 
problems syncing Zerlargal and Caliburn and has been fixed.

Bank Balance

Mark reported that HUMBUG's bank balance stood at $3122.00 with
a further $500.00 in the cash box. He also mentioned a number of
items of expenditure:
	- Laptop HDD for Caliburn
	- HUMBUG dinner: Mark is owed $50.00 used to subsidise the meal
	- Miscellenous reimbursements to around $100.00
However there were too few executive members to authorise these 


Andrae Muys was formally appointed DSIG coordinator. He outlined
DSIGs current 'todo':
	- setup majordomo list (waiting on 'welcome' text)
	- special web pages for group
	- organising talks: LDAP, GLADE/GTK, XML/XSLT all lined up
	- short form talks need to be organised. The goal is to have
	  people present a quick over view of some new bit of interesting
	- WikkiWeb: user contributed webpages. Some concerns about
	- Andrae's employer may be willing to provide inkind donations
	  to DSIG.

There wher a number of outstanding items of expenditure. But the
required numbers of executive were not present to authorise

CVS Repository

There was some discussion about the HUMBUG CVS repository and
the various files that need to be kept up to date for aliases,
hosts, etc. No conclusions were reached.

Exec FAQ

Raymond asked if people thought an 'executive FAQ' could be a useful
document. People thought it would be, but Raymond could write it. :-)

As there was no other business the meeting closed at 8:45pm.
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                       Minutes of an Executive Meeting of the
                      Home Unix Machine -- Brisbane User Group
                                held 14 January 2001


The meeting opened at 6:10pm at the office of PluggedIn Softare, 
Level 11, 301 Coronation Drive Milton, Queensland.


Executive Members:
	Brent Wesley (President), Robert Brockway (Vice President),
	Mark Suter (Treasurer), David Makepeace (Librarian), and
	Raymond Smith (Secretary). 

General Members:
	Bradley Marshall and Clinton Roy.

Robert Brockway offered belated apologies for his no show at 
previous meetings.


Mark reported that HUMBUG still has a bank balance above $3000.00. 
Membership renewals and new memberships have been received at a 
steady rate.

Several items of expeniture were approved by the executive:
- Up to $400.00 for cost of new HDD for caliburn.humbug.org.au; the
  motion was moved by Brent, seconded by Robert and passed unanimously.
- $301.00 for the cost of a 24 month subscription to the Linux Journal;
  the motion was moved by Robert, seconded by Brent and passed unanimously.
- $150.00 reimbursing Mark Suter for the cost of subsidising the HUMBUG 
  anniversary dinner; the motion was moved by Raymond and seconded by Robert.
- Reimbursement to Raymond Smith for materials purchased to Installfest
  according to receipts already submitted to the Treasuer; the motion was
  moved by Mark and seconded by Robert.

Quorum Issue

Brent expressed his exasperation with this issue. Only four responses
were received from the general membership regarding this important issue.
One suggesting that members who do not attend be dropped off the list
of eligible voters, the others suggesting different constants for the
n * exec formula.

Raymond threw a cat in amoung the pidgeons when he stated that he did not
mind the idea of classes of voting and non voting member. However, it was 
agreed that at the present time our membership records system is too 
primitive to handle multiple rades of members.

Brent moved the motion that a proposal to alter the quorum be
drawn up and that the proposal specify the quorum to be three times the
number of executive officers. The motion was seconded by Robert 
and passed unanimously. The task of drafting the proposal was handed to
Raymond, Brent will decide on the meeting date.

There was some discussion about membership numbering schemes which mostly
dealt with the concerns of older members wanting numbers that reflected
their status.

ACTION: Raymond to write up proposed change.
ACTION: Brent to propose meeting date to exec.

Software Engineering Australia

Contact has been made with Liz Manning of SEA regarding Linux training
that they are developing. SEA is a QANGO set up to support small to
medium sized Australian software development firms.

The exact opportunity here has yet to be clarified. A preliminary meeting
will be set up between Ms Manning and Raymond after the iminent 
linux.conf.au conference.

Raymond expressed his view that this may be a great opportunity to get
training material. Robert expressed conern that we are not a training
organisation and without remuneration it is unlikely that members would 
agree to give courses.  Raymond said that he would be quite happy to 
give courses for free at HUMBUG meetings. But this of course depends on 
what SEA want.

ACTION: Raymond to set initial meeting date and inform other exec members
ACTION: Robert and Mark to review any training material 

Recruitment Firm

Raymond has been unable to establish contact with the recruiting firm.

ACTION: Raymond to send a final email trying to establish contact.

Future Direction

The executive had a general discussion about the future directions
of HUMBUG. While we are enjoying a growth of members both in terms of
numbers and in terms of the skill levels of existing members this can
be attributed to the growth of Linux more than to anything exciting within
the club.

The executive is not sure what should be done to retain interest in HUMBUG
amoung exisitng members. We need to get some bright new ideas from
enthusiastic new members.

Raymond pointed out that the club no longer attracts its new members from
CS students but is increasingly attracting UNIX savvy High Schoolers and
older enthusiasts. Robert pointed out that this is not at all a bad thing
but adds depth and breadth to the membership. He reminded the executive that
our X.25 expert is a plumber by day.

The example of BrisBUG was raised. In particular the way that the
attraction of the shareware library was greatly dimminished by the 
widespread use of the Internet. This could be seen as one of the causes
for their declining membership. HUMBUG could suffer a similiar fate
if it allows itself to degenerate into a fortnightly netfest.

It was decided that a working group should be held soon at a regular meeting
to encourage discussion and brainstorming about what the club should be;
that is, into what shape do the members wish to mould the club.

Some specific ideas were bandied about
- Robert suggested more structure at meetings. Mark described SAGE-AU.
  All agreed that a formal Q&A time could be beneficial to the club.
  After some debate the time of 6:30 to 7:00pm was discussed.
- David suggested encouraging exotic systems; ones that are not Linux
  or Wintel. HUMBUG should be a place for geeks to drool, and ubergeeks
  to show off [this is the Secretary's somewhat colourful paraphrasing.]
  David reminded the meeting that we are a UUG (Unix Users Group) not a
  LUG (Linux Users Group).
- Raymond would like to see a formalish self-help tutorial set up to 
  assist new users.

It was agreed to organise the first Q&A in conjunction with the working group 
at the meeting after next.

Also touched on was the question of what our relationship should be 
with QAUUG and SAGE-AU (Qld Chapter). No definite conclusions were


Computerbank Queensland has contacted HUMBUG concerning a Community 
Internet Project being considered by the Brisbane City Council. No
details as yet. Might be a good opportunity to wave the Free UNIX

PO Box

Robert asked who was checking the PO Box. The answer is Bruce Campbell.
The post box is actually his and HUMBUG pays for half its yearly cost. 


As there was no other business the meeting was closed at 7:45pm. After
which a vicious nerf fight ensured -- thus proving that executive 
meetings can be fun and productive.

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