[H-ADMIN] Room bookings for the rest of the year

Joel Addison joel at addison.net.au
Tue Jun 12 11:50:44 UTC 2018

> On 11 Jun 2018, at 5:27 pm, Clinton Roy <clinton.roy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Just got the room bookings for the rest of the year confirmed. We did not get a room booking for the 29th of December,
> not terribly surprising, so that might be a good night for a social outing.
> I have updated the website and deleted the 29th Dec meeting from meetup.
> Now we can start thinking about the AGM: the 8th or the 22nd, I'm free both days, if I 
> don't hear back I'll annoy you at the next meeting.
> -- 
> -- Clinton Roy, Software Engineer

Thanks very much for this Clinton.

Based on my calendar, I am currently free on both dates. I’ll let you choose.

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