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...sigh. I have a meeting with Chris Pye, the faculty OH&S person, tomorrow
morning on unrelated business. I'll have a chat with him then.

In the meantime, I'm fairly sure HUMBUG couldn't produce a certificate of




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Date: 2 November 2016 at 14:45
Subject: FW: HUMBUG - in-kind sponsorship (fortnightly use of Joyce Ackroyd
room 430)
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On 2/11/2016, 2:40 PM, "Allanah Yu" <a.yu at business.uq.edu.au> wrote:

Dear Horatio

I have been liaising with the BEL Faculty’s Operations Officer & Safety
Coordinator, and would like to propose the following terms of use for
HUMBUG to continue holding their meetings in Joyce Ackroyd room 430.

Please let me know if HUMBUG would be willing to adhere to the following
terms of use:

Ø   All members to:

·         complete an occupational health and safety induction (Chris Pye
will provide you with the details)

·         conduct themselves in a professional manner whilst undertaking
all activities on University of Queensland premises

·         respect University property and the facilities, such as computing
resources, which the University provides to support teaching and learning

·         report any faults or concerns with University property and
facilities to the School Manager as soon as possible

·         comply at all times with the University’s occupational health and
safety requirements

Ø   Provide a certificate of currency (proving liability insurance should
an incident occur)

Kind regards,


*Allanah Yu (nee Bigg)**  l  School Manager  l  UQ Business School*

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*From:* Horatio Davis
*Sent:* Tuesday, 13 September 2016 11:13 AM
*To:* Allanah Yu
*Subject:* HUMBUG - in-kind sponsorship (fortnightly use of Joyce Ackroyd
room 430)


As discussed this morning:

For the last 21 years the Home User Machine Brisbane Users Group (HUMBUG)
have been associated with the University of Queensland, meeting fortnightly
on campus and engaging in open computing activities with students and staff
(for more detail on who they are and why they do it, see:

Fortnightly room bookings for their meetings have in the past been auspiced
by ITEE and other schools (see http://humbug.org.au/Meetings for a
representative sample). For the last two semesters, they have been using
room 430 in Joyce Ackroyd. This was initially an interim measure approved
by Rachael Birks as information services manager, with the room bookings
auspiced by myself; on the same basis as previous interim measures approved
by Donna Ashelford intermittently back to August 2013. After an entire
semester of meetings was a solid success, I escalated to seeking approval
from the then school manager.

Meetings happen from 3pm until midnight on alternate Saturdays. This time
has rarely if ever conflicted with School business, and the group have been
good tenants in the room. HUMBUG’s current president is Russell Stuart, a
stalwart of Brisbane’s open source and open computing community, and the
rest of the group have similarly deep roots in that community, which means
the school has been generating a lot of (albeit specialised) goodwill for
very little cost.

I am writing to ask permission to make this arrangement a continuing one. I
am asking this now because the topic of meeting venue will be raised at the
group’s annual general meeting on Saturday week, and I hope to advise them
whether they have a home here or whether they need to start the process of
moving on.

Thank you for your consideration.


aguido horatio davis <ahd at business.uq.edu.au>

systems programmer, university of queensland business school

www.business.uq.edu.au/staff/horatio-davis | uqadavi4 at chat.uq.edu.au
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