[H-ADMIN] Shut down of Humbug email alias service

Bruce Campbell bruce.campbell at zerlargal.org
Mon Dec 19 19:05:37 EST 2016

On Mon, 19 Dec 2016, admin at lists.humbug.org.au wrote:

> On Mon, 2016-12-19 at 20:24 +0000, Bruce Campbell wrote:
>>   b) Please send an update to each non Humbug address listing
>>      the Humbug aliases that point to said end address.
> I would have done it originally but it's harder than it sounds.
> Aliases point to aliases (my theory is the person who set this up
> did that on purpose to mess with my head), so I have to compute
> the transitive closure.

Undoubtedly.  They must have been a really twisted individual.

Actually the intent was to have one and only one definitive end-alias that 
pointed out into non-humbug space for each alias-owning user, and thus one 
and only one point that needed to be edited.  I don't remember if at one 
point in time the alias domain file was split into editable and 
non-editable chunks to facilitate this.

> Nonetheless, since you asked:
> bruce.campbell at zerlargal.org: b.campbell at humbug.org.au b at humbug.org.au 
> bah at humbug.org.au bc at humbug.org.au bofh at humbug.org.au 
> bruce.campbell at humbug.org.au bruce at humbug.org.au campbell at humbug.org.au 
> ccbcampb at humbug.org.au comma at humbug.org.au email.really at humbug.org.au 
> magic at humbug.org.au


Note that I was making a generalised comment that ought to be applied for 
all users.

Ha, I'd forgotten about the 'email.really' and the circumstances behind 

>>   c) When replacing them, please put the error message as
>>      'Forwarding discontinued, please contact the end user directly'
>>      or similar instead of the default 'no such user'.  This will
>>      make it clear to senders of any legitimate mail that the
>>      original user (may) still exist somewhere online.  Obviously
>>      don't put the original end address in the error message as
>>      spammers will simply spam the end user directly.
> Fair enough, it shall be done as you request.
> --
> Regards,
> The Humbug Sysadmin slave
> (Who is not on the Exec, and so is just doing as he is told.)

Mmmm, nice dodging of the question there.

So who has inherited the role?

   Bruce Campbell.

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