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Joel Addison joel at addison.net.au
Sat Dec 17 05:37:24 EST 2016

Hi everyone,

We have decided to discontinue the email aliases from the end of January 2017. We have now notified all existing alias users of this, to give them time to move off the alias onto their own email addresses.

Any addresses that bounce will be immediately removed, as they obviously don’t exist anymore. We will send reminders to all the remaining aliases up until the switch off date.


> On 10 Dec 2016, at 5:47 pm, Brad Marshall <brad at humbug.org.au> wrote:
> Hi all,
> On Sat, 10 Dec 2016 at 10:18 Russell Stuart <russell-humbug at stuart.id.au <mailto:russell-humbug at stuart.id.au>> wrote:
> Shutting them down would go something like this:
>    1. Send an email to general@ and all existing alaises saying we will
>       shutting them down in one month unless we hear from them.  Repeat
>       sending said email every to the aliases every week.
>    2. Shut down those who haven't replied or don't care. I am assuming
>       that will be almost all.  If there is more than 10 I'll need a new
>       plan.
>    3. See what happens.  If the SPAM goes away we don't have a problem,
>       otherwise advise people who are getting SPAM they will have to do
>       something about it as it is compromising Humbug's ability to stay in
>       contact with it's members.
> This seems like a reasonable approach to it, I suspect you'll get the bulk of people being happy to just drop their address, and if you give the rest some time I think they'll be fine with it.  I've been slowly moving things off myself, but after so many years it takes a while.
> Thanks,
> Brad
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