[H-ADMIN] [H-SASIG] Email bounces and unsubscriptions

Brad Marshall brad at humbug.org.au
Fri Dec 9 00:50:35 EST 2016

Hi all,

On Fri, 9 Dec 2016 at 15:42 Greg Black <gjb at yaxom.com> wrote:

> > I can't see any solution for the others though, short of killing all
> > *@humbug.org.au aliases.  But maybe it's time ... it is an idea from a
> > bygone era now.
> I definitely think the *@humbug.org.au aliases should be ditched.
> Do we have to vote on making these changes?

I've been using my humbug.org.au alias as my primary address for years,
personally I'd like some time to move all my stuff to a new address, which
I have been doing slowly. In general I'm all for the idea of removing
aliases, I doubt many people use it.

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