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Mon Apr 20 06:27:39 EDT 2015

Hi Geoff, Dennis, other members of Pine Rivers Computer Club and the 
Humbug elite,

In relation to the suggestion that you form a new northside Linux group 
if you want to go down that route I, and possibly other Humbug members, 
would be happy to help out where we can.  I would advise you to check 
out Linux Australia (LA) which is the national umbrella group. Their 
event support page (http://linux.org.au/linux-australia-event-support) 
would be a good place to start finding out how you may go about starting 
such a group if that is the decision you come to.

On the subject Linux activism we really haven't done much in that area. 
Humbug finds itself more of a social and conference organising group 
than a political power. That is something that I know you have had a lot 
more experience with than myself and possibly a lot of other members at 
Humbug. However if you do need help just ask and we will see what we can 
do. That said there is a sub committee of LA that is geared towards such 
action and it might be best to find out what they are involved with or 
do they have any advise.

One that note there are some very good talks online about opensource, 
Linux and government. At this years Linux Conference there was a very 
good talk about one person's, Michael Cordover, effort in getting the 
source code to software used in the Senate Elections called Easy Count 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhUM1mUMurg . There are others but you 
will need to dig around to find them.


On 20/04/15 10:10, dennphy at optusnet.com.au wrote:
> We may setup a northside Linux users group (suggest PRLUG as a 
> “moniker”) if this is too much for PRCC to digest. Would be good at 
> PRCC committees indulgence to consider an “affiliation” with this.
> Due to potential conflict of interest of my part I should not be on 
> deliberations for this…
> Dennis
> *From:*Geoff Isaac [mailto:geofhazel7 at optusnet.com.au]
> *Sent:* Saturday, 18 April 2015 7:36 PM
> *To:* Dennis Murphy; Anthony Martin PRCC; Leonie Tweed, PRCC Computer 
> Club; Michael Dodd; Bob Adamson; Richard Vander Have; Charlie Nolan 
> prcc; Barry Cornford; Matthew Franklyn
> *Subject:* Pine Rivers Computer Club computer Seminar. 2016
> Hi Guys,
> No, I am not on the Shiraz or Merlot, but this is something I have 
> been thinking about for sometime.  A Seminar on Computer Systems, 
> equipment, applications, Security and Club activity, on display for 
> all the World to see.  Ya! your mad or goofy I hear you say.  But just 
> think about it for a moment; we, as members of a computer club, are on 
> the cusp of an IT change as we know the world of IT.  And it is 
> changing so fast; local and federaral are having to be changed to keep 
> up with the change!
> We, Pine Rivers Computer Club, have been locked in a era of Microsoft 
> for 4 decades, and now with Linux becoming the new flavor; plus many 
> new directions and equipment now becoming the IT's of the future, I 
> felt here would be an opportunity for 'Our Club' to speak to the World 
> and let people know what we are now about.
> It would be great for the Club; we could approach the State 
> Government, Morton Bay Council, IT Industry generally, IT 
> publications, AFP and Qld Police on IT security; IT Commerce and 
> distributors etc.  Even prepared to speak to local Federal member, 
> Wyatt Roy.  Have had an opportunity to work with him lately.
> Matthew, do you think 'Humbug' would be interested in such a project?
> Yes, it will take some planning, discussion and working projections.  
> There would be many hours spent in committee, but I have a feeling it 
> could be achievable.
> Let us think about it, anyway.  It's sometime next Year to think about!
> Geoff.
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