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Dear matt2,

The request you submitted to the Service Desk has been logged (Ticket Reference # 111434).

The next update will be provided when work commences on your Ticket.

If you have any questions regarding this Ticket please call the Service Desk and quote the following Reference # 111434.

Ticket Details
Summary : password change
      our eduroam account is not working. I think we need a password
change. Chould you please change the password for us. The account is

Matthew Franklin, Treasurer for HUMBUG

ITS Service Desk

UQ ITS Service Desk Phone numbers
Internal: x56000
Local: (07) 336 56000
Australia wide: 1300 738 082

UQ ITS Service Desk Hours:
8am to 6pm (AEST) Monday to Friday.
8am to 12pm (AEST) Saturday.

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