[H-ADMIN] Drawing on your knowledge of room bookings rules and regs ?

Russell Stuart russell-humbug at stuart.id.au
Mon Jul 15 02:13:27 EDT 2013

On Mon, 2013-07-15 at 05:36 +0000, EAIT Timetables wrote:
> Just trawling through some emails and have found this one that was
> referred to us by Claire.  I remember having a conversation with one
> of our IT people about it but for some reason I think that might be
> where it stopped.  Can you give me an idea as to when and what sort of
> room you are after.


We need a room that seats a minimum of 50, has flat desks, and after
hours access (our meeting times are 2PM .. Midnight), air conditioning,
network access, ideally ground floor with an external door. Rooms we
have in before that have worked well are:

  - Gordon Greenwood (Building 32), room 213.
  - Zelman Cowen (Building 51), room 207.
  - Hawken (Building 50), room S201.

Examples of places that haven't worked for us in the past are:

  - Chemistry (Building 68)
    Security won't allow us into Chemistry even if we have a room
    booked as it is high security.

  - Hawken (Building 50), room N201.
    Desk swivel, making it a dangerous place for laptops, and round
    table discussions are awkward (as are there are no tables).

  - Social Sciences (Building 24), room S603.
    This can work, at a pinch.  The issue is Security often locks all
    the external doors after dark, which means people arriving late
    can't get in.

Does that help?

Russell Stuart
+61 438 805 133

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