[H-ADMIN] [Fwd: Club Flyers for new students for o'Week]

Russell Stuart russell-humbug at stuart.id.au
Sun Jul 14 06:03:59 EDT 2013

On Sun, 2013-07-14 at 19:42 +1000, Clinton Roy wrote:
> Not really, we need to mention pycon I feel. I think I'll scratch some
> time together to go to the o'week start.

Yes, mentioning pycon is a good idea.  But, O'Week starts tomorrow, and
ITEE still has to print the posters.  We have to give them something
real soon.

I can't claim that Humbug is responsible for Pycon, and I am not sure
what could claim.  So I will leave the wording to you, Oh Great Leader.

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