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Rupinder Kaur rupinder.x.kaur at oracle.com
Sun Dec 8 23:34:56 EST 2013

Dear Humbug team,


Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Rupi and I look into Oracle Linux Support Sales in Queensland.

As per my understanding your group shares knowledge, experiences in the field of Linux. 


I am not too sure if your group has ever discussed about Oracle Linux which comes with a choice of two kernels, the innovative Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel and a Red Hat Compatible Kernel.

For more than  a decade Oracle has been investing  in enhancing, supporting and advancing Linux and has brought the latest  innovation to the market.


Ø  Oracle Linux is the only operating system offering zero-downtime updates and is optimized for extreme performance, scalability, and reliability required for demanding enterprise workloads.


I would like to work with your organization in order to spread the word so that maximum number of organizations can reap the benefits.


Best Regards,


HYPERLINK "http://www.oracle.com/" \nOracle
Rupinder Kaur | Account Manager
Oracle Linux, Oracle VM and Oracle VM VirtualBox Sales

Phone: HYPERLINK "tel:+61386163363"+911204892553  | Mobile: HYPERLINK "tel:+61412157980"+918826643322
Oracle India 

HYPERLINK \l "OpenUniversities"Oracle VM at Open Universities Australia

HYPERLINK \l "Revera"Oracle VM Best for Oracle Databases by Revera Ltd






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