[H-ADMIN] Freelance Sys Admin Position

Jamie Cook jamie.cook at veitchlister.com.au
Thu Nov 1 17:40:31 EDT 2012


We're a Toowong based company that is looking for some one who can do some
freelance sys administration for us as our current sys admin was lured off
by Red Hat.
We've got a bunch of ubuntu/solaris/asterisk/windows servers that we'd like
to consolidate and simplify and would be prepared to pay a reasonable
hourly rate to someone with the skills to help us out... We've also got
similar work on a consistent but smaller scale pretty much going forward

I'm not sure if this is best place to send this too but I thought if you
don't like job offers sent around your mailing lists you might be able to
suggest an alternate forum?

*Jamie Cook*
Research Engineer

*Veitch Lister Consulting*
Ground Floor, 80 Jephson St Toowong QLD 4066
T  +61 7 3870 4888  |  F  +61 7 3870 4446  |  M  +61 418 772 610
E  jamie.cook at veitchlister.com.au
W www.veitchlister.com.au
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