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Tom Flory wayne.leaver at openinvestments.com.au
Wed Jan 25 20:41:21 EST 2012

Dear Mr./Ms.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Tom Flory, and I am pleased to represent 
one of the most successful Australian marketing companies Exercise Group. 
We are based in Footscray,  5 km west of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 
Our primary focus is online and offline marketing for small businesses and 
large corporations. We realize that the Internet potential is huge, but the 
offline marketing should not be underestimated. Eventually it is real people 
who get to use services or products offered by our clients. And customer 
satisfaction is a number one priority in every business aimed at success 
and prosperity.
There is a new vacancy of mystery shopper open in our company. This is a 
very unique occupation, as it combines several very different types of 
activities. It would not be wise to consider this job as the main source 
of income, but it is ideal for students and people who enjoy freedom of 
free time.
There are no special requirements for this job. Little training will be 
sufficient to make you a pro in this work, which is more fun than actual 
labor. The important part here is your love for shopping and visiting places.
There is little you can do if shopping is not for you. But imagine that 
shopping becomes your job. All you need to do is to pose as a real customer.
You bargain for a deal, you talk to the shop assistants, you interact with 
the cashier. Easy, isn.t it? Another thing to do is to memorize everything 
you have been asked to pay attention to. Tasks may vary depending on the 
type of store or some other places undergoing testing. We provide a number 
of questions to be answered or observations to report. If desired, we can 
supply some basic conduct scenario to follow. But it is very important to 
stay unnoticed, otherwise results will be distorted. 
After your visit you need to complete a report which will describe all the 
details of your tour and answer the questions our client is interested in. 
Unless you are a very experienced mystery shopper or possess a phenomenal 
memory, it is wise to make some tiny notes or use dictating machine. This 
will prevent mistakes. This report is very important, and to fill it out 
will take you some time, so be prepared for that.
As for reimbursement, there are several ways companies reward their mystery 
shoppers. If some cafe asks for a test on the personnel conduct, you might 
get a free meal (money will be paid back to you to cover your expenses). 
Other kinds include money payments that can vary depending on the survey 
volume you are asked to perform. Another popular way is shopping for goods 
you can keep afterwards.

So if you find this offer tempting, just contact us at florytom76 at gmail.com
and we will be happy to provide more information.

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