[H-ADMIN] Next Exec Meeting

Russell Stuart russell-humbug at stuart.id.au
Thu Dec 6 18:22:47 EST 2012

On Fri, 2012-12-07 at 09:02 +1000, Clinton Roy wrote:
> The thirteenth is good for me. i'm headed to Perth the following day,
> so it has to be that day.

OK.  I have to get the announcement out within the next 7 hours to
comply with the constitution.

I am available on that date.  Donna, are you available too?

To speed things up I am going to be a Nazi and nominate venues in order
of preference:

1.  The Edge.
2.  El Presidento's home.
3.  My home.
4.  Clinton's Home.

If any of these venues aren't suitable, reply with a veto.  Clinton,
could you check out if the Edge is available and veto if not.

The first preference left standing after all veto's are in wins.

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