[H-ADMIN] Presidents annual report for 2010/2011

Russell Stuart russell-humbug at stuart.id.au
Fri Sep 2 09:25:17 EDT 2011

Welcome to the Humbug 2011 AGM.  We have decided to keep this years
reports as brief and to the point.

This was a big year for Humbug.  We hosted LCA 2011.  It was during a
record flood, our venue was wiped out - yet we pulled it off.

The rest of the year has gone pretty smoothly.  Matthew will give you
the membership numbers, and Mark will give the treasurers report.
Suffices membership has gone down, but the bank account has gone up.
One thing that won't be mentioned in the membership report is we
typically have in excess of 30 people in the Humbug IRC channel at any
one time.

Other notable things that happened this year are:

- We have moved over to Internet banking, surrendering the cheque book
  and cancelling the paper bank statements.

- We moved the PO box to the UQ Postoffice.  As it was only used for
  bank statements we aren't planning on renewing it next year.

- As the library hasn't been used in years, its contents was given 
  away or otherwise disposed of.  The only property Humbug now owns 
  is in the meeting equipment box.  It has grown in size since
  LCA, and has now acquired wheels.

- The Humbug VM continues to be hosted on a Virtual Machine provided
  by Stephen Thorne.  It moved from the US an the UK recently, but
  otherwise continues to tick over.

And that about sums the year.  I new hand your over our VP for his

Russell Stuart,
President Humbug

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