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Hi all,

On 23 June 2011 11:11, Matthew Franklin <matheist76 at westnet.com.au> wrote:

> === Vice President's Report ==
> The numbers don't look good. I am projecting at this time that we might get
> about 23 members before the next AGM down from 42 members last year.
> We started out 16 less then what we had last year (29 vs 13). This time
> last year we had 6 new members with a total of 41 members. The results for
> this year are 2 new members and a total of 20 members.
> Most new and renewing memberships happen at the AGM.  So the numbers are
> really dependant on the AGM. If we get low turnout this year we will have
> less members for next.

HUMBUG membership doesn't have to depend on turnout at the AGM.  Without
even trying, I can think of several ways one could boost HUMBUG membership.

For instance, there are plenty of HUMBUG alumni who are out-of-state and
out-of-country who would only be too happy to support HUMBUG as financial
members, if it weren't for the fact that membership renewal and payment is
more complex than it needs to be.  Bank transfers from here are a PITA, for
example.  PayPal would be simpler.

Any plans to simplify the membership renewal story, and/or vote when not
present at general meetings?

 Cheers, Ben.
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