[H-ADMIN] Possible talk for 7th Jan 2011: RDF in your Office Suite

Ben Martin monkeyiq at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Dec 30 18:31:38 EST 2011

Hey, from my email logs I notice this is delayed by only one day short
of a year from when I proposed to do it last year :/ My own fault as I
retracted the talk due to illness and never resubmitted... Anyways,
better late than never I guess ;) I might focus more on abiword in the
talk than I'd planned as I've hacked it a bunch over the year and it now
also has some semantic object support too.


Original pitch:

  I could give a talk on the 8th about RDF in KOffice and Abiword.
OpenOffice also supports RDF at a pragmatic level (load/save and there
is an API), making RDF a useful technology across some of the main
office applications on the Linux desktop. I know more about the previous
two as they are the ones I have hacked on.

  The talk might be shorter than normal, maybe 25-30 mins. Targeted at
how you can get something out of RDF in a word processor. This is also
ongoing hacking, and KOffice currently has the better support for doing
things with it, though I'll have to also see how that code has
progressed since I was most active with it.

  I'm also interested in soliciting ideas for useful RDF in these
programs, so a talk showing what I've done / tried to do might help
folks to throw possibilities into the hat.
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